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Finding A Place For Right 2 Dream Too

Allison Frost/OPB

The homeless camp called Right 2 Dream Too set up right around the time of Occupy Portland in 2011. Ever since then, the camp, the city, and the property owner leasing the space to R2D2 have been trying to find another location that would be acceptable to all parties. One solution — Lot 7 under the Broadway bridge onramp — seemed viable for a short while. A temporary location in a vacant warehouse also looked promising, but both of those ideas fell through.

Now, Commissioner Amanda Fritz has brokered a deal that would involve the sale of the controversial Lot 7 to developers to fund a move to a new location for current Right 2 Dream Too residents and possibly benefit thousands of others in the city currently without homes. The total cost could be close to a million dollars.

Here are a few pictures from the current location on West Burnside, taken in December:

Pictures from outside the Right 2 Dream Too Homeless Camp.

Have you been following the R2D2 story? What questions do you have about this new plan? Have you ever needed temporary shelter?


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