Portland group The Parson Red Heads just released their fourth studio album, Blurred Harmony, in June. The new collection of songs looks back wistfully at earlier days, with a sun-kissed sound and songwriting reminiscent of Laurel Canyon bands like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The album’s title comes from a poem by Donald Justice called “Nostalgia of the Lakefronts.”

For the new record, the band did most of their recording in their homes and basements in Portland, while fitting this schedule around parenting. (Frontman Evan Way and drummer Brette Way have 3 young children.) We talked with the group about their new songs, and the band’s 13-year run together.

Watch the performances above, hear the interview below and download mp3s of the songs.


The Parson Red Heads is Evan Way, Sam Fowles, Brette Gentry, Ray Richards, Michael Blake, Jake Smith, and Robbie Augspurger.


Audio recordings: Nalin Silva with William Ward
Mixes: Steven Kray
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Videographers: Nate Sjol, Luuk Van Hoomissen, Andrew Barrick
Executive Producer: David Christensen