Portland band Gold Casio stopped by our studio recently to preview songs off their upcoming full-length release. Members George Schultz, Brock Grenfell, Forrest Grenfell, Ariel Bushnell, and Benjamin Tyler talked with opbmusic’s Nick Hennessy about their stage show and making their new record.

NH: This is the third time I’ve seen you and every time it gets a little bit more gold on stage. You’ve got tinsel everywhere, gold foil, gold outfits, a crown of golden spoons.

FG: We wanted to find a way to really be ourselves and really kind of distinguish ourselves. We’re big on associating music with an image and making it a theatrical production of sorts.

BG: Also a reoccurring dream. What is always is present is this delicate balance between trash and extravagance, trash and luxury, how ugly certain luxurious things can really be and the idea of where we can fit in this spectrum with what we’re trying to do.

NH: You all played a show at Holocene where you covered a bunch of Bowie songs. Tell me about that show.

AB: Oh my god, yeah! I think we all wanted a dance floor that we could all cry on together. I think coming together with all of these Portland bands to give tribute to someone who gave everyone so much was beautiful.

NH: I heard somewhere that you all either live or record in a church?

BG: both actually

AB: Yeah. I don’t wanna give too much away, but it’s a little southeast shanty, beautiful stained glass windows, lots of dense, tiny rooms. Brock’s physical bedroom is where we record vocals and things like that. It’s an inspiring space to fill. It’s huge. As a person who just kind of comes in to hang out and do my thing, I see a lot of creativity happening.

NH: When and how did you start playing music together?

BG: Well, Forrest and I are brothers, so we’ve been playing music for a long time. George and I have known each other a long time too. We’ve been playing music together for 7 or 8 years. We’ve all just been friends for a long time and we were all playing music in different ways, in different projects and it made sense for us to come together and dress in gold and get as glam-trash as possible.

FG: Yeah, Brock, George and I had started working on a new round of demos that ended up becoming Gold Casio. Around the time we were first kicking it off, I knew that Ariel had recently moved to town, and we’d been friends since high school.

NH: When can we expect your full-length to come out?

BG: Two weeks ago we dropped the first single, “Last Song.” We should have more singles throughout the fall and hopefully we’ll have the full length out either winter or early next year.