Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where each week we showcase new songs debuting on the opbmusic broadcast. This time around, we highlight a hypnotic electro-pop track, an Afghan-influenced rock performance and a hauntingly beautiful pop song.

Ultraísta - “Tin King”

The Skinny: Nigel Godrich (long-time Radiohead producer) along with singer Laura Bettinson and drummer Joey Waronker (drummer for Beck and R.E.M.) have released the first single off their upcoming LP, “Sister,” their first record in eight years. “Tin King” is a pleasing assault of sound, amplified by Bettinson’s vocal styling which completes the collaborative creation. It’s also the rare song that will make you want to dance and think.

Release Date: The group’s sophomore release, “Sister,” comes out on March 13.

PNW Tour Dates: None scheduled at the moment.

Stephen Malkmus - “Xian Man”

The Skinny: Stephen Malkmus will be releasing his third solo album (without his band the Jicks or previous group Pavement) called “Traditional Techniques” later this winter. The first single from the record is a stylish mix of Afghani instruments with nods to George Harrison’s Indian classical music feel mixed with his Malkmus’ distinct guitar interplay. The album was recorded with Chris Funk (The Decemberist) and Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Zwan, etc).

Release Date: “Traditional Techniques” is out via Matador Records on March 6.

PNW Tour Dates: There aren’t currently any dates announced for the Northwest, but the Portland resident will undoubtedly playing in the region soon.

Wilsen - “Feeling Fancy”

The Skinny: This is the second single released from Wilsen’s third album, “Ruiner.” Vocalist Tasmin Wilson says that with this recording the group was “overthinking less and trusting instincts more.” “Feeling Fancy” dances delicately on the line of psychedelic and dark rock balanced by Tasmins beautify haunting vocals.

Release Date: “Ruiner” comes out on Secret City Records on Feb. 21.

PNW Tour Dates: The trio play Wonder Ballroom in Portland on April 18.