Welcome to the Monday Mix, where we showcase new music just added to the opbmusic broadcast. This week, we highlight a new artist from Bristol, England, an amusing song from L.A. songwriter Christian Lee Hutson, and the latest from Montreal indie rockers The Dears.

Christian Lee Hutson - “Get the Old Band Back Together”

The Skinny:  L.A.-based Christian Lee Hutson released this song from his upcoming album “Beginners,” produced by good friend Phoebe Bridgers. (Bridgers and Conor Oberst make cameos in the video.) Hutson has been lauded for his lyrical ability and this track is evidence of that talent. He takes us through a nostalgic journey based on an encounter with an old friend who once had to make the choice between the band they were currently in, and a career as a building inspector. The inspector gig won out.

Release info: Hutson’s album “Beginners” will be released May 29.

Katy J Pearson - “Take Back the Radio”

The Skinny:  “Take Back the Radio” is a new single from Bristol, England’s Katy J Pearson. Pearson says she “enjoyed writing and recording this track so much” and that joy translates through the speakers. It’s a wistfully engaging song full of the catchy elements that keep it playing in your head well after it’s finished. Pearson says the lyrics “feel quite poignant to our universal situation…so many people getting out into their gardens or are taking walks to keep sane during this strange time.”

The Dears - “Heart of an Animal”

The Skinny:  Montreal band The Dears’ frontman Murray Lightburn confesses they’ve “been trying to get ‘Heart of an Animal’ on a Dears album for a long time.” Luckily for us this has finally happened. “Heart of an Animal” is a song which dances seamlessly through a variety of classic transitions without ever sacrificing its warm-hearted tone.

Release info: The band’s new album, “Lovers Rock,” was released May 15.