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44,000-Year-Old Indonesian Cave Painting Is Rewriting The History Of Art


In a cave in Indonesia, archaeologists have uncovered a stunning ancient painting of a hunting party that is thousands of years older than similar works found in Europe.

Meteorologists Can't Keep Up With Climate Change In Mozambique


As world leaders gather for a climate summit in Madrid, some of the countries most vulnerable to climate change say they need improved forecasting tools.

Greta Thunberg Is The 'Time' Person Of The Year For 2019


Greta Thunberg burst onto the world stage when she called out world leaders for failing to stop global warming trends that will affect the world's children the most.

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In SE Washington, Digging Into The Past To Find Fault Signs Of Future Shaking

Unlike the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the faults in Eastern Washington are in the upper crust, (the outermost layer of the earth). That means they’re closer to the surface and to communities.

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At Least 5 Dead After Volcano Erupts Off New Zealand's Coast

At least five people are dead and eight others remain unaccounted for after an eruption on a volcanic island off the coast of New Zealand on Monday, local officials have confirmed.

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'There's No Good Dust': What Happens After Quartz Countertops Leave The Factory

Slabs of engineered quartz are cut-to-order in thousands of shops across the country that may not adequately protect workers from dangerous levels of the lung-damaging contaminant.

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'It's Going To Get Worse': How U.S. Countertop Workers Started Getting Sick

The story of the first worker in the U.S. to suffer lung damage after cutting a new kind of countertop material shows the way a workplace hazard emerged in this country.

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Nature's 'Brita Filter' Is Dying and Nobody Knows Why

A mysterious die-off of freshwater mussels has scientists scrambling to find a cause. Freshwater mussels clean water and provide habitat to countless other species.

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A Comet From Another Star Hints That Our Solar System Isn't One-Of-A-Kind

The comet, 2I/Borisov, looks surprisingly like comets closer to home. It's a sign that the processes that formed the sun and planets are at work elsewhere in the universe.

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Europe Is Burning U.S. Wood As Climate-Friendly Fuel, But Green Groups Protest

In the search for alternatives to coal and gas, some European countries have turned to a very old fuel. They're importing wood from the United States. Some environmentalists say it makes no sense.

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VIDEO: Elon Musk's Next Quest Is A Mind-Machine Meld. Let's Consider The Implications

The tech entrepreneur recently said he is making implants that connect our brains to our devices. So let's explore the ethics of human upgrading — and what has technology already done to us.

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Raiders Of The Lost Crops: Scientists Race Against Time To Save Genetic Diversity

Elephants, snakes and crocodiles? Researchers around the globe faced risky situations to gather wild relatives of key foods. That genetic pool could be vital to helping crops adapt to climate change.


A 'Mole' Isn't Digging Mars: NASA Engineers Are Trying To Find Out Why

After the InSight lander had trouble drilling a sophisticated thermometer into the Martian surface, a Plan B also didn't work, and the instrument ended up backing itself out of the ground.