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Colin Kaepernick Is Getting An NFL Workout. Skeptics Question League's Timing


The private workout, set for Saturday, has raised questions about whether it's a PR stunt or a real opportunity for Kaepernick to return to the NFL, where's he's gone unsigned for nearly three years.

Experts Worry Active Shooter Drills In Schools Could Be Traumatic For Students


With lockdown drills now commonplace in public schools, experts question if they're doing more harm than good. "We don't light a fire in the hallway to practice fire drills," one professor tells NPR.

Juvenile Justice Groups Say Felony Murder Charges Harm Children, Young Adults


In most states, a person who commits a property crime can face a felony murder charge if it results in someone being killed, even unintentionally. Juvenile justice advocates say the law is unfair.

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Federal Appeals Court Lets Stand Ruling That Congress Can Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

The full D.C. Circuit voted 8-3 not to reconsider an earlier decision by a three-judge panel that ruled against the president. Trump's lawyer says he will appeal to the Supreme Court.


NTSB Says Coast Guard Ignored Duck Boat Safety Recommendations

The agency says it has issued almost two dozen safety recommendations in the past 20 years and not all have been implemented.

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Trump, Erdogan Have 'Frank' Discussion About Syria

The U.S. president is welcoming the Turkish leader to the White House for talks about Syria and also Turkey's decision to buy a Russian defense system.


Independent Probe Of Virginia Beach Shooting Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

Investigators found that the mass shooter was socially isolated and had some personal problems, but found no clear warning signs ahead of the attack.

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Trump Sweet, Congress Sour On Turkey

President Trump welcomed his Turkish counterpart to the Oval Office just weeks after Turkey stormed into Syria. But in Congress, there's a bipartisan push to punish Turkey.

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House Oversight Committee Democrats To Examine Regulation Of Abortion Providers

The hearing on Thursday will use Missouri — where the last remaining clinic that provides abortion could close over a dispute with health regulators — as a case study.

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Taylor: Sondland Talked To Trump Directly About Investigating Ukraine Firm Linked To Bidens

A top U.S. diplomat testifies that Portland businessman Gordon Sondland had early knowledge that President Trump was seeking a Ukrainian investigation of political rival Joe Biden in exchange for military aid.

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Americans Tune In As First Trump Impeachment Hearing Opens

Across the country, the first public airing of the impeachment drama had millions of Americans tuning in — and, in some cases, deliberately tuning out.

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Who Are The Staff Attorneys Questioning Impeachment Witnesses?

The Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff and Republican ranking member Devin Nunes are each getting assistance for their extended questioning in Wednesday's public impeachment inquiry hearing.

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READ: Opening Statement Of Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State George Kent

Kent said Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's lawyer, and his associates led a smear campaign against Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.