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Washington Commission Rejects Petition To Limit Killing Of Wolves

A petition that called for new rules to limit when the state can kill endangered wolves that prey on livestock was rejected Friday by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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Last Call: Tracking The Sound Of The Spotted Owl's Extinction

The spotted owl changed the fate of Northwest forests in the summer of 1990. Thirty years later, what hope, if any, do biologists hold for the fate of the spotted owl?

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Big Money Bought Oregon's Forests. Small Timber Communities Are Paying The Price.

Wall Street investment funds took control of Oregon’s private forests. Now, wealthy timber corporations reap the benefits of tax cuts that have cost rural counties billions.

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Take A Virtual Roadtrip Through Oregon's Fascinating Geology

Oregon's geologic record goes back some 400 million years. "Oregon Field Guide" has assembled a few of our favorite "old stories" as they are revealed in our many striking treasures and land forms.

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Oregon Scientists Develop A More Accurate Way To Date Past Earthquakes

Researchers offer a solution to a common problem that arises when using radiocarbon dating to determine the past activity of faults.

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Mount St. Helens Eruption 40th Anniversary Plans Move Online

There were once big plans for many public events to mark the 40th anniversary of the catastrophic 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. The coronavirus pandemic blew up those plans, but many are resurfacing online.

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More Oregon State Parks Continue To Reopen On A Day-By-Day Basis

One of the most popular state parks in Central Oregon will be reopening as the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department continues to slowly reopen more state parks on a daily basis.

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Fire Camp Germ Spread Is Dicey In Normal Times. COVID-19 Could Make It Worse.

Fighting wildfires doesn't allow for social distancing. Crews work — and live — close together in hot, sweaty environments. That has officials worried.

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OSU Master Gardeners Offer Tips As People Plant Pandemic Patches

OSU's Master Gardener Program sees an explosion of interest as the pandemic prompts people to grown their own food. 

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Take A Virtual Road Trip Down The Pacific Northwest Coast

Tour some of the most stunning spots on the Oregon and Washington coast from the comfort of your stay-at-home.