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FAQ For Parents Grappling With Kids Homebound By Coronavirus


The rapidly-moving coronavirus has closed schools across Oregon. Parents, what questions do you have?

Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak


A map of confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world. The respiratory disease has spread rapidly across six continents and has killed thousands of people.

'STOP GETTING TESTED' For Coronavirus, Ohio Politician Tells Constituents


"This is what happens when people go crazy and get tested," Ohio state Rep. Nino Vitale wrote on social media.

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Todo Lo Que Necesita Saber Del Coronavirus (Y Otras Cosas, También)

Tenemos respuestas a sus preguntas sobre el coronavirus, incluyendo algunas que no sabías que tenías. Desde usar máscaras hasta los orígenes del virus, todo está aquí.

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Portland Service Industry Reeling And Uncertain With NBA, MLS On Hold

While many white collar workers are now telecommuting to their jobs, service industry workers often rely on the large gatherings now temporarily banned in Oregon to make a living.

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A Glossary Of Coronavirus Terms, From ARDS To Zoonotic

We've compiled a list of COVID-19 jargon. It covers most of the words you'll encounter in the news and more technical writing. Because honestly, what even is an enzyme and why should we care?

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'It Was Personal.' After Tragedy, Physicist Devotes Career To Cancer Research

Hadiyah-Nicole Green lost the aunt and uncle who raised her to cancer. The loss inspired her to develop a cancer treatment using lasers. "I was born to do this," she tells her cousin at StoryCorps.

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Starbucks Says Customers Must Wear Masks At Its Cafes

Several states already require people to wear masks in public spaces like coffee shops to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but many still have no such requirement.

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Bolivian President Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The announcement from the country's interim president, Jeanine Áñez, comes just days after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he had contracted COVID-19.

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Why Some Young People Fear Social Isolation More Than COVID-19

It's not that young adults aren't worried about the pandemic, psychologists say, but they are at far greater risk of dying by suicide. Finding ways beyond screens to foster social bonds is crucial.

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Black Lives Matter Gets Indians Talking About Skin Lightening And Colorism

The American call for racial justice has led to a heated debate over attitudes about skin tones — and caused some lightening creams, like "Fair & Lovely" from Unilever, to change their name.

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WHO: Aerosolized Particles Unlikely To Be Significant Source Of COVID-19 Transmission

After 239 scientists raised concerns about transmission by aerosolized particles, the World Health Organization has issued a brief on the role of aerosolized particles — and called for more research.

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An Enzyme That Increases With Exercise Can Improve Memory In Mice, And Maybe People

When scientists revved up the production of an enzyme called GPLD1 in older mice, it stimulated nerve growth in their brains and the animals navigated a maze better.


'Please Scream Inside Your Heart,' Japanese Amusement Park Tells Thrill-Seekers

Several park-goers have complained that the request for those on roller coasters to remain silent is unrealistic. "If a scream comes out, it comes out," one visitor said.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases Overload Clark County Staff

A rise in coronavirus cases in Clark County is not only leading to dire health predictions in the next month, but is also overwhelming staff, public health officials said Wednesday.

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Brazil's Bolsonaro Faces Suit For Unmasking As He Announced Coronavirus Diagnosis

The Brazilian Press Association, or ABI, said that Bolsonaro had unnecessarily endangered a small group of journalists who interviewed him at his official residence.

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