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End In Sight To Portland's Tidee Didee Diaper Dilemma


The end is sight for Portland-area parents who’ve been navigating a month-long cloth diaper dilemma. It all started with a boiler fire at Tidee Didee Diaper Service.

A Construction Company Embraces Frank Talk About Mental Health To Reduce Suicide


The suicide of a construction worker in 2014 became a pivotal event for the Denver-based company that employed him. The death led management to make mental health care a part of the workplace culture.

How The House Prescription Drug Plan Would Try To Lower Drug Prices


Lawmakers are voting Thursday on a bill to rein in drug costs. President Trump has vowed to veto it. But the plan shares a lot with other bipartisan efforts. Here's how it would work.

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Supreme Court Hears Another Obamacare Case, With A Twist

The justices seemed sympathetic to $12 billion in insurance firms' claims. The Affordable Care Act promised to partially reimburse insurers if they lost money due to peoples' preexisting conditions.

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Meteorologists Can't Keep Up With Climate Change In Mozambique

As world leaders gather for a climate summit in Madrid, some of the countries most vulnerable to climate change say they need improved forecasting tools.


Family Trees For Dogs? DNA Tests For Pets Take Off, Ahead Of The Science

If you own a rescue dog, you're probably curious about your pup's heritage. DNA kits may offer insights, but experts warn to be a little skeptical about results.

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A Kid In A Refugee Camp Thought Video Games Fell From Heaven. Now He Makes Them

Lual Mayen grew up in a camp in Uganda. Now he's the award-winning CEO of a game development company in Washington, D.C., that has just released 'Salaam' — a game about refugees and peace.

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PhRMA Files Suit Against Oregon's New Prescription Drug Pricing Laws

The drug company trade group PhRMA has filed a legal challenge to a pair of Oregon laws designed to curb prescription prices.

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Out Of State, Out Of Mind

When the state of Oregon takes a child from their home, child welfare officials assume responsibility for their health and happiness and for ensuring each youngster receives the care and treatment needed to succeed. But emails, case files and interviews show that for children in foster care who were sent across state lines, Oregon largely trusted  a private, for-profit company to ensure they were safe. The result is a litany of disturbing outcomes; tales of abuse, neglect and vulnerable children left to fend for themselves.

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Flight Attendants, Pilots Say Frontier Discriminated Against New Moms

In a pair of lawsuits filed in federal court, a group of pilots and flights attendants say Frontier Airlines failed to accommodate the needs of pregnant and nursing women.

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There's A New Kind Of Inequality. And It's Not About Income

A report issued by the U.N. Development Programme says that the 20th-century thinking about global inequality no longer works in the 21st century.

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This Is What It's Like To Be An Ebola Doctor Under Fire In Congo

Dr. Marie-Roseline Bélizaire says the United Nations is failing to keep its medical workers safe.

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Researchers Find A Remarkable Ripple Effect When You Give Cash To Poor Families

Research suggests the most effective way to help poor people can be to give them no-strings-attached cash. Now a new study finds even neighbors who don't get the aid benefit.

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