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Oregon Supreme Court Ruling Does Not Affect Elliott State Forest Plan

The Oregon Department of Justice told the State Land Board Tuesday a recent state Supreme Court decision will not affect a proposal to repurpose the Elliott State Forest for research.

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Oregon Department Of Forestry Releases Draft Plan For Managing Westside Forests

The Oregon Department of Forestry has released a draft of a new management plan for hundreds of thousands of acres of state forestland on the west side of the state.

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Want To Get A Christmas Tree From A NW Forest? Get A Permit First.

Law enforcement units will be watching the woods this holiday season, to stop people from taking Christmas trees and other forest products without a permit.

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Oregon Supreme Court Rules Elliott Forest Land Sale Illegal

The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled the state’s 2014 sale of 788 acres of the Elliott State Forest to a private timber company was illegal.

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Expansion Of Cascade-Siskiyou Protections Was Invalid, Judge Rules

A federal judge says public forests designated as "O&C Lands" must be maintained for timber production.

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Oregon DEQ Proposes A New Plan To Reduce Mercury Pollution

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality proposes a new pollution standards for reducing mercury contamination in the Willamette Basin.

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Linn County Jury: Oregon Breached Contract With Counties By Limiting State Forest Logging

A Linn County jury ruled Wednesday that the state of Oregon breached its contract with timber counties west of the Cascades by failing to generate sufficient revenue through logging on state forests. 

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Oregon Lawyers In $1.4 Billion Timber Lawsuit Make Their Final Case To Jury

Lawyers gave their closing arguments Tuesday in a trial that could influence how Oregon state forests are managed going forward.

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Illegal Cannabis Operations In Public Forests Are Poisoning Wildlife And Water

Insecticides and other chemicals found at the sites threaten long-term damage to ecosystems. California law enforcement, ecologists and others are cracking down on the illegal operations.

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Federal Officials To Propose 'Threatened' Status For The Pacific Fisher

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife will publish a revised proposal to list the Pacific fisher as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.