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How Snakes Fly (Hint: It's Not On A Plane)

A snake researcher always wondered how flying snakes propelled themselves. Then, someone told him he should work with the snakes in "The Cube" – a vast theater space with cameras everywhere.

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Pandemic Causes China To Ban Breeding Of Bamboo Rats And Other Wild Animals

The idea is to reduce the risk of spread of viruses through animal-human contact. Bamboo rat breeders are devastated by the loss of income. And critics say the ban has too many loopholes.

Flora and Fauna | Science

Dolphins Learn Foraging Tricks From Each Other, Not Just From Mom

Scientists have found that dolphins learn a neat trick to trap fish by watching their close associates do it. This means that dolphins aren't just motivated to learn from their mothers.

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Suzanne Simard: How Do Trees Collaborate?

Ecologist Suzanne Simard shares how she discovered that trees use underground fungal networks to communicate and share resources, uprooting the idea that nature constantly competes for survival.

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Denise Herzing: Do Dolphins Have A Language?

We know that dolphins make distinctive clicks and whistles, but is that a language? Researcher Denise Herzing thinks it might be, and for the past 35 years she's been working to unlock it.

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'Like Poking a Beehive': The Worrisome Link Between Deforestation And Disease

Scientists say accelerating deforestation and development may increase the risk of pandemic diseases. The current economic crisis may also make that trend worse if more people cut down trees for fuel.

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'One Of The Best Nature Shows': A River Transformed After Dams Come Down

In a growing trend, dozens of aging dams are removed from U.S. rivers every year. In Maine, this has meant the return of millions of migratory fish, plus bald eagles and other birds who eat them.

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Last Call: Tracking The Sound Of The Spotted Owl's Extinction

The spotted owl changed the fate of Northwest forests in the summer of 1990. Thirty years later, what hope, if any, do biologists hold for the fate of the spotted owl?

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Scientists Find The Biggest Soft-Shelled Egg Ever, Nicknamed 'The Thing'

A new study of dinosaur eggs as well as a football-sized egg from Antarctica shows how some ancient creatures relied on soft shells rather than hard ones.

Flora and Fauna | Science

Locusts Are A Plague Of Biblical Scope In 2020. Why? And ... What Are They Exactly?

They're swarming in gargantuan numbers in parts of Africa and South Asia — and posing a major threat to food supply. If you have questions about these insects, we have answers.