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Trump Commutes Sentence Of Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich


The move would free Blagojevich, once seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party, from federal prison four years before he would have been eligible for parole and clear his convictions.

Lawmakers, Advocates Worry Bureau Won't Fill Half-Million 2020 Census Jobs


The bureau says it needs around a half-million temporary workers by this spring to carry out the national head count. Some census advocates are worried the agency isn't moving fast enough on hiring.

'Dark Towers' Chases Scandal-Ridden Deutsche Bank's Mysterious Ties To Donald Trump


President Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank is still under investigation, so David Enrich's story is necessarily incomplete. But he shows the bank's story is complex — more than one gone rogue.

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North Dakota And Native American Tribes Settle Voter ID Lawsuits

Tribes had sued because the law required voters to present identification with their home's street address — which often doesn't exist on reservations. Emergency rules will broaden the ID allowed.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders Draws Thousands To Rally At The Tacoma Dome

Bernie Sanders rallied thousands of supporters in Washington state three weeks ahead of its presidential primary, calling for the grassroots movement that led to his win in the state’s 2016 caucuses to continue through the broader primary that takes place March 10.

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Poll: Sanders Leads, Bloomberg Qualifies For His 1st Debate

The survey gives the former New York mayor enough polls showing him over 10% nationally to be on stage for the next Democratic debate Wednesday in Nevada.

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Power Of The Past: Retelling Utah's Suffragist History To Empower Modern Women

Women in Utah became the first in America to vote under an equal suffrage law on Feb. 14, 1870. There are celebrations, but it means confronting the state's uncomfortable polygamy history, too.

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Between President Trump's Border Wall And The Rio Grande Lies A 'No Man's Land'

Because of flooding worries, the border wall is often built as much as a mile north of the Rio Grande, leaving thousands of isolated acres between the water and the wall.


Nevada Voters Begin Early Caucusing On Saturday. Here's What You Need To Know

Democrats in Nevada have been scrambling to adjust their plans, in response to the debacle in Iowa. Early voting opens on Saturday with the state's full caucus set for one week later.

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1,100 Former DOJ Employees Call On Barr To Resign After Intervening In Stone Case

William Barr's Justice Department lowered the prison sentence recommendation for Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Trump, in a move that's led to accusations of political interference.


Mike Bloomberg Storms Super Tuesday States, Pledging To 'Get It Done'

Bloomberg is skipping all of the early states and banking instead on proving his campaign's viability by doing well on Super Tuesday, when 14 states vote on March 3.

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Iowa Democratic Chair Troy Price Resigns After Caucus Night Debacle

Price oversaw a caucus process so riddled with issues that it could threaten the state's first-in-the-nation status in future primaries.

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Opinion: A Lesson From Memorial Day, 1993

NPR's Scott Simon ponders the loss of civility and respect in public discourse.

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