One of the founders of Right 2 Dream Too, a downtown Portland homeless camp, says he has concerns about the city’s proposal to move it to a site across the river.

Speaking on OPB’s Think Out Loud, Ibrahim Mubarak, who serves on the board of the city-approved camp, said he’s open to relocating the camp but he believes it will be hard to convince other homeless people to move farther from the aid organizations that serve the homeless downtown.

“They’re not going to follow us because then it would move them away from the social services, the hub of house-less people,” he said.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Amanda Fritz have been searching for a permanent site for the homeless camp for more than a year.

The Mayor’s spokesman, Dana Haynes, says the proposed site is close to bus and Max lines and relatively close to the city center. Haynes says the Right 2 Dream Too camp has a track record of being well governed and deserves a permanent home.