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A Solution To The Right 2 Dream Too Dilemma?

A group of neighbors and business owners in the Pearl District says it has found alternative solutions for an embattled homeless camp. But Right 2 Dream Too’s co-founder says it’s news to him.

The Pearl Group issued a press release Thursday saying it’s narrowing in on an alternative site for Right 2 Dream Too.

This comes a month after a packed City Council meeting where some Pearl district residents objected to a plan to move the camp to a lot under the Broadway Bridge.

Spokesman John Mangan says the Pearl Group has since met several times with Right 2 Dream Too members

“And we’ve listened carefully to what they’ve said are their needs, which include, really, four walls is a priority. They wanted shelter from the weather, and they wanted access to social services.”

Mangan says the group has identified a number of sites, including a warehouse, that would accommodate Right 2 Dream Too for up to a year.

But Right 2 Dream Too chair Ibrahim Mubarak says if progress has been made, he’s unaware of it. He says he has yet to sit down with the mayor, the Pearl Group, and Right 2 Dream Too’s attorney at the same table.