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How 1 Small Bag Of Food On A Giant Sculpture Tells A Million Immigrant Tales


The theme of the work in the Vatican's St. Peter's Square is welcoming strangers. "The bag is a metaphor for nourishment ... the idea of bringing something to the table," says artist Timothy Schmalz.

'The Four Top': Special Episode | Ed Levine | J. Kenji López-Alt


What is it like to risk everything and start up an online culinary publication? In this very special episode, Ed Levine, founder of Serious Eats, is joined in conversation by J. Kenji López-Alt, chief culinary consultant of Serious Eats and "The Food Lab" columnist.

'Last Call' Goes Behind The Scenes At Bars, Giving A Glimpse Of Post-Shift Rituals


Last Call, a new book by author Brad Thomas Parsons examines the rituals behind closing time at dozens of bars around the country. Parsons asks bartenders what their final drink would be.

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After WWII, Mutton Fell Out Of Favor In The U.S. Can It Make A Comeback?

Once the stuff of high-end cuisine, mutton consumption tanked thanks to competition from the cattle industry and GIs fed up with rations. Fans say it's time to re-embrace this underappreciated meat.

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Rachael Ray At 50: 'Eat Your Spaghetti!'

The television chef celebrates a milestone with a new book, Rachael Ray 50, that's part cookbook and part memoir. She says she wanted to show that women older than 50 can still be relevant in America.


Antarctic Research Takes The Cake In These Science-Inspired Confections

A former sous chef at Antarctica's McMurdo Station is creating cakes inspired by her colleagues' research projects. She says cake can be a gateway to conversations people might otherwise shy away from.

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Mama Stamberg Takes Her Cranberry Relish Recipe To Ocean Spray's CEO

For decades, Susan Stamberg has managed to sneak her family's controversial, Pepto Bismol-pink, cranberry relish recipe onto the air and 2019 will be no exception.

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'Badass': The 1 Word That Has Become A Lightning Rod For Many Female Chefs

In her new book, Charlotte Druckman asks over 100 female chefs and food writers if there are any words or phrases they wish people would stop using to describe them. One word was a bit of a surprise.

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'Four Top': Lynne Curry | Camas Davis | John Schiable

What is it like to look into the eyes of an animal as it goes to slaughter? Has the environmental impact of cattle farming been misunderstood? And what is a "dual use" animal?

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Eat, Drink And Be Wary: Ex-CIA Officer Reveals How Eateries Are Key To Spycraft

"Restaurants and cafés are in many ways the lifeblood of espionage," says Amaryllis Fox in her new book. They're ideal places to clandestinely meet people with access to a government or terror group.


Teal Pumpkins Make Halloween Less Tricky For Kids With Food Allergies

In addition to handing out candy, places that display teal pumpkins also give out non-food items such as glow sticks or stickers. The movement took off quickly on social media and continues to grow.

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'Mixtape Potluck' Is Inspired By Questlove's 'Food Salon' Dinner Parties

NPR's David Greene talks to musician Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, the co-founder of the iconic hip-hop band The Roots, about his cookbook Mixtape Potluck.


In Male-Dominated Pizza Circles, Women Are Grabbing A Bigger Slice Of The Pie

Men have long commanded the pizza-making scene, creating what one female champ calls a "macho problem." But that's starting to change as more women open pizzerias and gain recognition in the field.


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Recipes, tips and how-to's from around the Northwest.