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'Tis Already The Season To Argue About 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have recorded a consent-minded update to the 1949 holiday standard, sparking a new debate that's sure to drain the last vestiges of joy from the season.

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Ozzy Osbourne Announces First Solo Album In 10 Years, 'Ordinary Man'

Do we really have Post Malone to thank for a new Ozzy Obsourne album? Hear "Under the Graveyard" from Ordinary Man, due out early 2020.

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Christmas, Pleasant: 'Last Christmas' Gives You Its Heart

Paul Feig directs Emilia Clarek, Henry Golding and Emma Thompson (who co-wrote the script) in a Yule-themed "fun, if shaggy, character study."

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'Honey Boy' Is Flawed But Fascinating, Like Its Lead Character

Actor Shia LaBeouf's autobiographical film lacks the nuance of director Alma Ha'rel's previous documentary work, but star Noah Jupe's performance is astounding.

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'Doctor Sleep' Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Stanley Kubrick

Mike Flanagan directs a meandering, imitative sequel to both the Stephen King book and the Stanley Kubrick movie, The Shining; its nonhorror elements prove more persuasive than its scares.

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A Middling 'Midway'

Roland Emmerich's CGI-heavy depiction of the WWII battle that turned the tide in the Pacific isn't boring, but it's familiar beats ensure it's more a movie about war movies than it is about war.

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Rick Baker, The Monster Maker Of Hollywood

An American Werewolf in London, Maleficent, the ghouls in "Thriller": the costume designer has made some of film's great creatures. His four-decade career is collected in a new book, Metamorphosis.

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In 'Terminator: Dark Fate,' A Faltering Franchise Gets A Hard Reset

Linda Hamilton is back — and funny! — as Sarah Connor in a lean, propulsive and women-centered sequel that seeks to wave away the recent sequels in the Terminator franchise.

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In Earnest, Contrived Biopic 'Harriet,' Tubman Is An Action Hero

Cynthia Erivo is quite good, and the story of Harriet Tubman is a tale worth telling, but as presented here it's earnest, conventional and "fundamentally inert."

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Netflix's 'American Son' Adaptation Exposes The Play's Flaws

The cast and director of the 2018 Broadway play reunite, but the performances prove more nuanced than the characters, revealing a script that takes "shortcuts to catharsis."