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Padma Lakshmi, Model, Actor And TV Host, Says Above All, She's A Writer

The Top Chef host started out as a model/actress, never intending to have a career in food. But she loved to cook and to write down recipes. Her new show, Taste the Nation, explores immigrant cooking.

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'Do Right By Us': Black 'Survivor' Alums Say The Reality Was Harmful Stereotypes

Alums of the unscripted CBS hit say the show routinely stereotypes Black contestants. They state its production is hampered by systemic racism that makes it tougher for Black participants to succeed.

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'Hamilton' Comes Home, Just In Time For The Fourth Of July

The very good movie version of Hamilton, filmed with the original cast at the height of the show's popularity, will perk up faithful cast album fans — and new viewers, too.

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HBO's 'I'll Be Gone In The Dark' Brings The Golden State Killer To The Small Screen

Comedian Patton Oswalt helped finish his late wife Michelle McNamara's true-crime book about the Golden State Killer, I'll Be Gone in the Dark. Now, it's being adapted into a six-part series for HBO.

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Battle Hymns: From Founders To Today, Protest Music Is American Music

From Yankee Doodle to viral TikTok video remixes, protest music has a deep and rich history in our country. Protest music is American music.

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'Perry Mason' Reboot Is No Rerun: This Is A 'Very Dark' Take, Says Matthew Rhys

Welsh actor Matthew Rhys stars in the HBO version of the 1960s legal drama. This Perry Mason is a seamy, slovenly private eye in 1932 Los Angeles. "He doesn't fit in in any way," Rhys says.

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Hovering In The Closet Doorway: 'Love, Victor'

The makers of 2018's inoffensive Love, Simon center this Hulu series on a Latinx teen from a conservative, working-class family, but otherwise recapitulate the film's strengths — and weaknesses.

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If You're Grieving Right Now, Here Are 5 Shows That Get It

It may sound odd to highlight fictional stories about grief at a time when so much of the real thing is around. But experts say there is catharsis in watching someone struggle with familiar feelings.

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Ashland Independent Film Festival Draws Virtual Crowds

The Ashland Independent Film Festival is one of Oregon’s biggest events for filmmakers. But this year, because of restrictions on public gatherings due to COVID-19, organizers had to think of a new way to present the event.

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From TikTok To '80s Rock: Teens Walk Us Through What They’re Listening To

Two Oregon teens talk about discovering new bands, shaping their own musical taste, and how the pandemic has or hasn't changed their listening habits.