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'Mama Hissa's Mice' Creep Through A Dystopian Future Kuwait


Saud Alsanousi's novel follows a group of Kuwaiti kids growing up in the 1980s — then jumps to a near future torn by sectarian violence. It's a resonant book that asks more questions than it answers.

'Badass': The 1 Word That Has Become A Lightning Rod For Many Female Chefs


In her new book, Charlotte Druckman asks over 100 female chefs and food writers if there are any words or phrases they wish people would stop using to describe them. One word was a bit of a surprise.

London's 'Mudlark' Pulls Treasure From The Thames


"Mudlarks" were the people who made a living picking objects out of the mud along the River Thames. Writer Lara Maiklem follows in their tracks; she chronicles her journeys in a new book, Mudlark.

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Graphic Adaptation Of 'Heart Of Darkness' Takes On Canonical Racism, Artfully

Artist Peter Kuper has adapted Joseph Conrad's classic Heart of Darkness in a way that undercuts Conrad's depiction of Africa as a place of existential horror, and centers the African characters.

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The Booker Prize Is Shared By The 12 Black Brits In 'Girl, Woman, Other'

Bernardine Evaristo's new award-winning novel follows a dozen different characters, aged 19-93. "I wanted to put as many black British women into it as possible," the author says.

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Scandal Brings Down A Remarkable College Basketball Team In 'The City Game'

The '50 City College of New York Beavers were the only team to win the NIT and the NCAA tournaments. Matthew Goodman's book details how a point-shaving plot came to dominate the team's legacy.

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Christmas, Pleasant: 'Last Christmas' Gives You Its Heart

Paul Feig directs Emilia Clarek, Henry Golding and Emma Thompson (who co-wrote the script) in a Yule-themed "fun, if shaggy, character study."

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'Honey Boy' Is Flawed But Fascinating, Like Its Lead Character

Actor Shia LaBeouf's autobiographical film lacks the nuance of director Alma Ha'rel's previous documentary work, but star Noah Jupe's performance is astounding.

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'Doctor Sleep' Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Stanley Kubrick

Mike Flanagan directs a meandering, imitative sequel to both the Stephen King book and the Stanley Kubrick movie, The Shining; its nonhorror elements prove more persuasive than its scares.

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A Middling 'Midway'

Roland Emmerich's CGI-heavy depiction of the WWII battle that turned the tide in the Pacific isn't boring, but it's familiar beats ensure it's more a movie about war movies than it is about war.

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In 'Mobituaries,' Mo Rocca Gives People The Second Send-Offs They Deserved

The humorist has expanded his podcast series into a book of essays on the historical figures (and objects, like station wagons, and empires, like Prussia) that didn't get enough love the first time.


The Hit Movie 'Parasite' Puts Basement Structures In Structural Inequality

In the South Korean film, architecture is a symbol of class conflict. Director Bong Joon-ho knows that mansions are all over — but a certain humble subterranean apartment is particular to Seoul.

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In The 'Dream House,' Carmen Maria Machado Recounts Nightmares

Carmen Maria Machado's new memoir is a haunting account of an abusive relationship with a former girlfriend. One of the hardest things in the book, she says, was acknowledging the damage it did.

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