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How A Portland Nonprofit Brings Better Coffee To Your Cup


How a Portland nonprofit has helped build transparency in the coffee industry and gotten farmers more money for better beans.

Beaverton Makeup Company Creates Products For All Hues


Makeup entrepreneur Paula Hayes got into makeup because she loved science and needed something that wouldn't irritate her own skin.

The West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta: What Can’t This Gourd Do?


The 2019 West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta attracted thousands from around the nation as the massive vegetables were transformed into boats and raced around Tualatin Lake.

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Watch Tango Alpha Tango At Oregon City Brewing

The Oregon City band headlined our Rocktoberfest concert this fall, with a smoking set on the brewery's patio.

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Ex-Rajneeshee Ma Anand Sheela To Star In New Documentary

Ma Anand Sheela, who helped controversial Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh set up a commune in Oregon in the 1980s and was a subject of the hit Netflix series "Wild Wild Country," will star in a new documentary shot during her first trip to India in 34 years.

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Pickathon Woods Stage: Mountain Man

Watch a masterful performance by this vocal trio recorded deep in the Oregon woods. 

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Win Tickets To The Shivas At Doug Fir Lounge

The Portland band is celebrating the release of their new album, "Dark Times." Enter for a chance to win tickets.

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First Flood, Then Fright: Community Rallies To Save Eastern Washington Town With Haunting

A 1996 flood devastated the city of Palouse, Washington. To rebuild, the community held a haunted house fundraiser. Now, it's a spooky, seasonal part of the town's identity.

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'Fern Hobbs And The Snake River Showdown'

The Wild West meets the remarkable Fern Hobbs in the next "Oregon Experience."

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Maywood Park: An Oregon City Within A City

Located inside Portland, tiny Maywood Park isn't a neighborhood — it's a city that formed when its residents battled the state over development. Today it lives on as a slice of old Portland.

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Meet Mel Brown, The Portland Jazz Legend Who Plays For Something Greater Than Himself

If you've heard any '70s-era Motown record, you've probably heard Mel Brown's drumming. But if you happen to live in Portland, it's much more likely that you've seen him play live jazz.

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Damian Lillard And Shaq Trade Diss Tracks

Lillard released a new song today called "Reign Reign Go Away"

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'We Got Totally Screwed': Top Runners Say They Didn't Get Fair Shake At Portland Marathon

Ultimately, somewhere between 15 and 20 of Sunday’s fastest runners took a wrong turn near the entrance to the Ross Island Bridge, as they followed one another more than a mile off course onto Southwest Barbur Boulevard.

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The Album Art Of Tokio Aoyama

A closer look at some of today's most vibrant modern jazz cover art and the artist behind them.

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Like A Villain: Artist Holland Andrews’ Boundless Emotional Range

A consummate performer, Holland Andrews wields a soul-stirring voice to channel healing.

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Song Premiere: Silver Medal - 'Tax Season'

The Portland band's new song is a self-deprecating, slacker lament about falling short.

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The Pickles Have Captured Portland's Hearts (And Tattooed Their Arms)

In just four seasons, the Portland Pickles have made baseball a staple on the city's east side.


Looking Back On 'Bitches Brew': The Year Miles Davis Plugged Jazz In

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Christian McBride about the impact of Miles Davis' seminal album Bitches Brew — an electrified sound that ushered in decades of jazz fusion 50 years ago.

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Rocktoberfest Returns Sept. 7

Join us at Oregon City Brewing from 5-9pm on September 7th to enjoy the 2019 Chart Hopper beer inspired by opbmusic, and music sets from Tango Alpha Tango, Pool Boys, and The Celebrators.

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Portland’s Low Bar Chorale Brings Together Big Crowds For Group Singalongs

Producer Kate Sokoloff and music director Ben Landsverk bring together musicians to perform live for audiences, coordinate large singalongs and create a feeling of community. 

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Historic Vernonia Grandstands Still Standing After Yearslong Debate

The Greenman Field grandstands in Vernonia had been scheduled for demolition a little over a year ago, but a dedicated group of activists has kept them standing.

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What Will It Take To Get The Oregon Zoo Railway's Long Route Back On Track?

Restoring the Washington Park and Zoo Railway's original 2-mile route isn't completely off the table, but it would take time, money and community support.

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Southern Oregon Performing Arts Take Countermeasures For Wildfire Smoke

While this season's air quality is a marked improvement over recent years, smoke is still causing some disruption for events downwind from wildlands. 

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