The Barbara Walker Bridge spans Burnside Street to connect the Wildwood Trail through Forest Park.

The Barbara Walker Bridge spans Burnside Street to connect the Wildwood Trail through Forest Park.

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  • A Tangent man was arrested in September for carrying an AR-15 rifle into a city hall building. Prior to his arrest, Skylar McCollaum prompted a lockdown at a local elementary school when he was seen nearby carrying the rifle, a handgun and a knife. The incident has caused community members like Albany Democrat-Herald reporter Caitlyn May to ask what tools officials have to stop a could-be shooter — and whether they go far enough. We hear from May and Liam Elder-Connors, a Vermont Public Radio reporter who produced a podcast series about a man who was arrested before he carried out a detailed plan he’d laid out to shoot up his high school.



  • Oregon doctor Bruce Clearly is suing OHSU for using his donated sperm to father at least 17 children. He claims OHSU violated their agreement to use his sperm for no more than five children. Clearly’s biological children found him using family DNA database websites, which experts say have had unforeseen impact on the world of gamete donation. We will hear from Portland lawyer Tabitha Koh whose practice includes assisted reproductive technology, adoption and surrogacy.



  • For the first time this weekend, hikers on the Wildwood trail in Portland’s Forest Park will no longer have to risk life and limb dashing across busy Burnside Street. Instead they’ll be able to stroll across a new steel bridge designed by local artist Ed Carpenter. Carpenter says he wanted the bridge to be safe, inexpensive, and yet delicate

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