At Vidon Winery, visitors sip wine while looking out over fields of grapes in the Willamette Valley.

At Vidon Winery, visitors sip wine while looking out over fields of grapes in the Willamette Valley.

Cassandra Profita/OPB



  • The Memorial Day weekend was a test for counties that have entered phase one of Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s reopening plan. We talk with Umatilla County Chair John Shafer and Brianne Day, owner and winemaker at Day Wines, about how the weekend went and how they’re feeling about the weeks ahead.



  • Whale researchers in the Pacific Northwest have a unique opportunity right now. Some scientists are studying how whales are responding to a decrease in vessel traffic because of the pandemic. Back in 2016 we talked to Oregon State University marine ecologist  Leigh Torres about her research on whale  feeding and behavior. We listen back to that conversation today.



  • Coronavirus concerns are prompting members of the Old Believers — a Russian Orthodox sect — in Marion and Clackamas counties to engage more with the world outside of their 10,000-person faith community. The group doesn’t have data on their infection rate, but community leader Anna Kasachev says the virus has certainly spread in the community. We hear from Kasachev, president of the Russian Old Believer Community nonprofit, about how they are coping with the pandemic. Kasachev has been acting as a liaison between Old Believers, who have a historic distrust of government, and health officials.

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