Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam

Courtesy of the Bureau of Reclamation

  • Some environmentalists argue that hydroelectric dams are a great source of carbon-free energy in a time of climate crisis. Meanwhile, some Northwest tribes are calling for dams to be taken down to help endangered salmon populations survive. We hear from Kurt Russo, a senior policy analyst with the Lummi Nation and Kurt Miller, the executive director of the industry-backed group Northwest RiverPartners, about the cultural and environmental issues at stake.



  • We listen back to a conversation about a print publication geared towards a specific audience. “News Inside” is aimed at informing and inspiring people who are in prison. The Marshall Project, the nonprofit news organization behind it, has put Lawrence Bartley in charge of the project. Bartley was released this year after 27 years behind bars and he says he’s excited to be distributing “News Inside” to 30 facilities in 19 states, including Oregon and Washington. 



  • By the end of next year Central Oregon’s population is likely to have grown by nearly 85% since 2000. That kind of growth can have a huge impact on public services, including libraries. The Deschutes Public Library is holding a series of public hearings over the next few months to learn how the library can adapt to the changing needs of its patrons.

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