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Russia Expels 2 German Diplomats In Deepening Quarrel Over Murder Probe


The retaliation, "guided by the reciprocity principle," comes after Germany expelled two Russian diplomats last week. The tussle stems from a murder in Berlin that Germany has linked to the Kremlin.

U.K. Holds A Pivotal General Election, And Voters Bring Their Dogs To The Polls


Boris Johnson's Conservatives are expected to win only enough seats to secure a small majority. So far on election day, the most popular figures at polling stations are (literally) dogs.

Before Sri Lanka's Easter Attacks, Muslims' Warnings About Terrorism Went Unheeded


Mohammad Taslim tried to warn authorities about other Muslims who'd been radicalized. He was shot soon after. Two men he flagged are now under arrest for links to Sri Lanka's Easter terrorist attacks.

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Nude, Pin-Up-Style Portrait Of Emiliano Zapata Sparks Protests In Mexico City

The controversial painting depicts the revolutionary war hero naked, flirtatiously glancing over his left shoulder as he rides an aroused white stallion. His only wardrobe: a pink hat and heels.


India Passes Controversial Citizenship Bill That Would Exclude Muslims

The legislation would fast-track citizenship for scores of other immigrants living in the country.


In Pakistan, Angry Mob Of Lawyers Attacks Hospital, Causing Deaths Of 3 Patients

The lawyers were apparently angered by an incident at the hospital in which an attorney being beaten by doctors after he refused to wait in line at the cardiac facility was caught on video.


Myanmar's Suu Kyi Denies Charges Of Genocide Against Rohingya Minority

The International Court of Justice is considering whether to grant a provisional measure that would protect Rohingya still living in Myanmar's Rakhine state.


U.K. Election: Voters Hope To Decide Brexit's Fate And Their Country's Future

It will be the third general election since 2015. The stakes are high, voters are weary and the two main candidates for prime minister are polarizing.

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French Prime Minister Unveils Pension Plan As Strike Continues To Paralyze Paris

The plan calls for a shift from 42 distinct pension plans into one universal scheme. The new system will be based on the principle of giving each pensioner the same rights for each euro they pay in.

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Meteorologists Can't Keep Up With Climate Change In Mozambique

As world leaders gather for a climate summit in Madrid, some of the countries most vulnerable to climate change say they need improved forecasting tools.


New Zealand Scrambles To Treat Burn Victims From Volcanic Eruption

Officials have ordered cadaver skin for injured tourists following Monday's deadly eruption on White Island. Some received burns on at least 30% of their bodies.

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A Kid In A Refugee Camp Thought Video Games Fell From Heaven. Now He Makes Them

Lual Mayen grew up in a camp in Uganda. Now he's the award-winning CEO of a game development company in Washington, D.C., that has just released 'Salaam' — a game about refugees and peace.

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Greta Thunberg Is The 'Time' Person Of The Year For 2019

Greta Thunberg burst onto the world stage when she called out world leaders for failing to stop global warming trends that will affect the world's children the most.