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City Sued Over Portland Harbor Superfund Site Cleanup Planning Efforts

The city of Portland is being sued over its plan to use up to $12 million from a surcharge on customers’ sewer bills to help pay to plan the Portland Harbor Superfund clean up.

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Portland Is Getting A New Swimming Beach On The Willamette

Portlanders will soon have a new place to swim on the Willamette River. On Friday, advocates are opening the city’s second swimming beach near the Hawthorne Bridge.

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The Headlines That Cried Agent Orange

In a tourist town, businesses can live or die with one bad season. So when rumors of Agent Orange contaminating a lake near Joseph, Oregon started to take off, residents braced for the worst.

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Oregon Issues Beach Water Warnings Ahead Of Holiday Week

In a series of health advisories issued, beachgoers are advised not to swim, wade or even touch “creeks, pools of water on the beach, or in discolored water, and to stay clear of water runoff flowing into the ocean.

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Lab Results Show Wallowa Lake Free Of Herbicide Barrel Contaminants

Environmental officials say lab tests from northeast Oregon’s Wallowa Lake have found no detection of herbicides.

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Salem's Water Is Safe To Drink, But City Continues Testing For Algae

City of Salem officials are now testing blue-green algae levels seven days a week.

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Willapa Bay Oyster Farmers Struggle As Shrimp Population Booms

The booming population of a native species of Northwest shrimp threatens the oyster beds of Washington's Willapa Bay and a coastal way of life.

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1st Herbicide Barrel Removed From Oregon's Wallowa Lake

Despite initial fears about Agent Orange, the barrels seem to have been full of lake water, though the EPA is waiting for test results to confirm that the water and barrels are indeed clean.

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The Fight Is On To Save Columbia River Salmon From A Toothy Invader

The fight to save Columbia River salmon could hinge on a major battle taking place in the basin’s biggest reservoir. It pits biologists against a fish: The invasive northern pike.

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Myrtle Creek Officials Declare City Water OK To Drink

Officials in the city of Myrtle Creek, Oregon are giving the "all clear" to water that was likely compromised by a nearby fuel spill.