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VIDEO: What The U.S. Is Doing About Its Testing Swab Shortage


To contain the coronavirus, the U.S. needs to be able test a lot of people. But we're facing a shortage of a key ingredient: the swab. Here's why these swabs are so hard to source.

WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Trial Over Safety Concerns


The WHO cited a scientific study published last week suggesting that proposed COVID-19 drug hydroxychloroqine may do more harm than good in halting its study to review data.

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What False Negatives Can Tell Us About Oregon's COVID-19 Numbers

With reports of false negatives and high death rates, it's hard to tell how accurate Oregon's COVID-19 data is. We break down all the things that could have wrong — and how they can go right.


Herd Of Fuzzy Green 'Glacier Mice' Baffles Scientists

Moss balls seem to roll around glaciers in a coordinated way, and researchers can't explain why the whole group moves at about the same speeds and in the same directions.

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VIDEO: Virus Hunters Seek To Solve The Mystery Of Coronavirus Origins

Evidence points to wildlife as the starting point. But it could take years to pinpoint the source.

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Oregon Scientists Develop A More Accurate Way To Date Past Earthquakes

Researchers offer a solution to a common problem that arises when using radiocarbon dating to determine the past activity of faults.

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Oregon Primate Study Gives Hope For Post-Infection Immunity To COVID-19

One question about COVID-19 we still don’t know the answer to is if people who’ve had the disease can be re-infected.

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77 Nobel Laureates Denounce Trump Officials For Pulling Coronavirus Research Grant

In a letter sent to Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, these U.S. scientists said they were "gravely concerned" about the abrupt termination of a federal grant to EcoHealth Alliance.

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Signatures Submitted For Oregon Measure To Decriminalize Psilocybin

People hoping to decriminalize the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin, for therapeutic uses in Oregon submitted their petitions for the November ballot Friday.

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The Race For A Polio Vaccine Differed From The Quest To Prevent Coronavirus

In the 1950s, as Dr. Jonas Salk and virologist Albert Sabin worked to create a vaccine to prevent infantile paralysis, the threat from polio was already long familiar to Americans.

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Hurricane Season Will Be Above Average, NOAA Warns

Federal forecasters expect 3 to 6 major hurricanes during the 2020 hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 1. Rising seas and a warmer climate make storms of all sizes more damaging.

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All-Girl Robotics Team In Afghanistan Works On Low-Cost Ventilator ... With Car Parts

Automated ventilators are expensive. Hand-operated ventilators require a lot of labor. So these teens are on a quest to create a mechanized bag-valve-mask that'll do the job.