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It's Not Just Insulin: Diabetes Patients Struggle To Get Crucial Supplies


Type 1 diabetes can be well managed with insulin if blood sugar is consistently monitored. But insurance rules can make it hard for patients to get the medical supplies their doctors say they need.

Meet The Nuclear-Powered Self-Driving Drone NASA Is Sending To A Moon Of Saturn


Almost everyone who learns about the project thinks it sounds "crazy," admits one scientist. But the technology should work.

A Daily Baby Aspirin Could Help Many Pregnancies And Save Lives


Pregnant women at high or even moderate risk of developing the life-threatening condition preeclampsia should consider taking a very small dose of aspirin daily to prevent it, doctors say.

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Vineyards Facing An Insect Invasion May Turn To Aliens For Help

A stowaway from China, the spotted lanternfly, is eating its way across Pennsylvania, killing trees and grapevines. Scientists are considering importing the bug's natural enemies from back home.

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A Fire Lookout On What's Lost In A Transition To Technology

The number of manned fire lookouts in the U.S. is dwindling, as technology is increasingly used to spot and monitor wildfires. But can technology replace a human watch?

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Finding Meaning At Work: How We Shape And Think About Our Jobs

Finding a new job may be the solution to your woes at work. But there may also be other ways to get more out of your daily grind. This week on Hidden Brain, we explore ways to find meaning at work.

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Scientists Create A Device That Can Mass-Produce Human Embryoids

Researchers hope large numbers of very primitive, slightly incomplete human embryos will lead to new insights into early human development and ways to prevent miscarriages and birth defects.

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Eastern Oregon Minnow Removed From The Endangered Species List

The Foskett speckled dace is the third Oregon fish to be removed from the endangered species list.

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For Health Workers Struggling With Addiction, Why Are Treatment Options Limited?

Doctors and nurses are often barred from turning to FDA-approved medications that research shows to be the most effective way to quit. Critics of that policy say stigma is undermining best practice

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CRISPR Gene-Editing May Offer Path To Cure For HIV, First Published Report Shows

Researchers safely used CRISPR gene-editing techniques in a patient with HIV. The research provides evidence the approach may be promising for treating HIV infection.

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Wilbur Ross At The Center Of Another Political Storm, This Time About The Weather

Ross is under the microscope again — this time for reportedly pressuring government scientists to back President Trump over a misleading tweet about Hurricane Dorian.

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EPA Chief Pledges To Severely Cut Back On Animal Testing Of Chemicals

Alternative tests are emerging, the agency says, such as computer modeling and tissue studies of cells grown in the lab. Environmental advocates say the move is too quick, and disregards human health.

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How A Prenatal 'Bootcamp' For New Dads Helps The Whole Family

Prenatal classes often focus on Mom-to-be — on her shifting role and emotional needs, along with new skills. But if Dad gets sidelined early into a supporting role, research shows, everybody loses.