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Oregon Governor Will Not Call Special Session To Adjust Death Penalty Law


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Wednesday she will not call a special session next week, after consensus failed to materialize around a bill to alter the death penalty.

National Group Looking At Ballot Measure To Decriminalize All Drugs In Oregon


The Drug Policy Alliance, which has long argued that the war on drugs is a failure, has filed a decriminalization measure for the 2020 ballot in Oregon.

Campaign To Reinstate Affirmative Action In Washington Sued For Not Paying Signature Gatherers

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According to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission, the group behind reinstating affirmative action in the state still has $1.3 million in outstanding debt.

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Senate Democrats Take Floor To Push Leaders On Need For Gun Laws

Washington and Oregon lawmakers are among the Senate Democrats who have taken the floor in Washington, D.C., to speak about the need for new gun laws.

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Portland Considers Banning Use Of Facial Recognition Software In Private Sector

Though the idea is in its nascent stage, a ban would set a new national precedent, making Portland the first major city to limit the use of the software by the private sector.

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Gov. Kate Brown's Top Attorney Rejects Controversial Judicial Appointment

Misha Isaak's appointment had received intense scrutiny after allegations he improperly pressured a state official.

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Oregon House Republicans Elect New Minority Leader

Republicans in the Oregon House of Representatives have a new leader as they head into the 2020 election cycle. And nearly every staffer in the House Republican Office has reportedly tendered their resignations.

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Democrats Get Closer To Serious Field Of Trump Challengers

Something happened this week that was hard to pin down, but palpable. Not the contrast of night and day, but perhaps the difference between dusk and dawn.

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Oregon Public Records Council Pushes For Independence

Oregon’s first-ever public records advocate on Friday urged her role be made explicitly independent from the governor’s office, following allegations it had been the target of influence. 

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Tensions Rise In Portland Neighborhood As Residents Consider Annexation To Lake Oswego

Some see annexation as a surefire way to price out Southwood Park's poorest residents, while others believe it to be the only antidote the neighborhood’s aging water system.

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'OPB Politics Now:' The State Of Government Transparency In Oregon

We discuss the state of transparency in Oregon and whether Brown has been a help or hindrance to transparency in the state. 

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Year-round Daylight Saving Movement Gets Another Nudge, This Time From Canada

The movement to “ditch the switch” just got a push from British Columbia, where residents signaled they are keen to join Washington state and Oregon on permanent daylight saving time. But in California, a new snag cropped up.

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Kris Strickler Named New Director Of Oregon Department Of Transportation

After a six-month search, the Oregon Transportation Commission has offered the top position at the state's transportation agency to Kris Strickler, the head of ODOT's highway division.