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Polk County Officer Fatally Shoots Man In Salem Goodwill Store

A police officer with a Polk County drug enforcement team fatally shot a man Wednesday at a Goodwill store in West Salem.

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Oregon Governor Will Not Call Special Session To Adjust Death Penalty Law

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Wednesday she will not call a special session next week, after consensus failed to materialize around a bill to alter the death penalty.

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Timbers Fans Meeting With MLS Over Iron Front's Future

Major League Soccer says the Iron Front symbol is inappropriate. Timbers fans say people come to the game for more than just sports. 

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National Group Looking At Ballot Measure To Decriminalize All Drugs In Oregon

The Drug Policy Alliance, which has long argued that the war on drugs is a failure, has filed a decriminalization measure for the 2020 ballot in Oregon.

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Portland Neighborhood Rejects Annexation To Lake Oswego After Contentious Special Election

Clackamas County officials say the results will not officially be certified until there’s an opportunity for voters to contest four challenged ballots. But with a tally of 240 no-votes to 145 yes-votes, the voters’ rebuke of annexation won’t change.

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Oregon Universities Prepare For Start Of Classes — And An Employee Strike

Thousands of classified employees at Oregon’s public universities are preparing to strike. College administrators are making contingency plans in case a strike happens at the same time classes start.


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All Southbound Lanes Of I-5 Reopen After Barbur Boulevard Crash

All southbound lanes of Interstate 5 have re-opened after a crash near Barbur Boulevard in Southwest Portland. 

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Trump Names Robert O'Brien, Top Hostage Czar, As National Security Adviser

O'Brien has been working in the State Department as the administration's hostage negotiator. He'll replace former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who parted company with Trump.

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Workers At Oregon's Public Universities Authorize Strike

Workers at Oregon’s public universities have voted to authorize a strike. Picketing could coincide with the start of the fall semester later this month.

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Campaign To Reinstate Affirmative Action In Washington Sued For Not Paying Signature Gatherers

According to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission, the group behind reinstating affirmative action in the state still has $1.3 million in outstanding debt.