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Stepping Into The Sun: A Mission To Bring Solar Energy To Communities Of Color


Solar energy has taken off across the U.S. As an African American working in the industry, Jason Carney wants to make sure minority communities don't miss out on the energy savings or the green jobs.

Senate Approves Bill To Prevent Sept. 11 Victims' Fund From Running Out Of Money


President Trump is expected to sign the measure, ending a years-long ordeal for the victims after concerns that the fund was on the verge of running out of money.

DOJ Starts Review Of Whether Major Tech Companies Are Too Powerful


The Justice Department says it is launching a wide-ranging antitrust review, without naming the companies. But there have been increasing calls to regulate companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

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A Bronx Tale: Childhood Neighbors Celebrate Seven Decades Of Love

Joel and Julia Helfman met in 1943. Married nearly 70 years, they're still utterly devoted. Says Julia: "How was I smart enough to know that this, this young man would always keep me happy?"


North Carolina Reaches Settlement In Long Battle Over Bathrooms And Gender Identity

The deal, approved by a federal judge on Tuesday, enshrines the right of transgender individuals to use bathrooms that match their gender identities in many North Carolina public buildings.

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What Gets To Be A 'Burger'? States Restrict Labels On Plant-Based Meat

Lawmakers across the U.S. and in the EU argue that labels like "vegan sausage" or "cauliflower rice" mislead people. Tofurky, the ACLU and others are suing, saying new label laws violate free speech.

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Cats Can Keep Their Claws: New York Bans Declawing

It's the first state in the nation to outlaw the practice, which animal-rights advocates say it is equivalent to chopping off a person's fingers at the first knuckle.


U.S. Warship 'May Have' Brought Down A 2nd Iranian Drone, General Says

"We are confident we brought down one drone; we may have brought down a second," CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said on Tuesday during an interview with CBS News.

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3 Million Could Lose Food Stamp Benefits Under Trump Administration Proposal

The administration wants to close what it calls a "loophole" that allows states to give benefits to those would not otherwise be eligible by raising or eliminating income and asset limits.


'A Small Part Of A Serious Problem': Criminals Hired As Police Officers In Alaska

A joint investigation by the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica found that in one town, every officer had been convicted of domestic violence within the last 10 years.

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Toys R Us Is Coming Back But With A Different Approach

More than a year after filing for bankruptcy, the chain is relaunching in Texas and New Jersey. Its new stores will feature spaces for toy demonstrations and events.


Lawyer: Shooter Wasn't Trying To Kill A Mob Boss. He Was Under 'QAnon' Delusion

The lawyer for the man charged with Francesco Cali's murder says he plans to make an insanity defense including that he became irrational after believing a pro-Trump Internet conspiracy theory.

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DOJ To Mueller: Don't Let Your Testimony Stray From Your Report

The Justice Department told former special counsel Robert Mueller not to stray beyond his report on Russian election interference when he testifies to Congress on Wednesday.