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Brent Leggs: How Can Seeing Black History As American History Begin To Make Amends?


How can we make amends for the atrocities of slavery and segregation? Historian and preservationist Brent Leggs discusses one step in confronting the past: preserving African American historic sites.

Martha Minow: How Can Restorative Justice Create A More Equitable Legal System?


Our justice system is flawed and inequitable, says Harvard law professor Martha Minow. She calls for a reset to emphasize accountability, apology, and service, rather than punitive punishment.

'STOP GETTING TESTED' For Coronavirus, Ohio Politician Tells Constituents


"This is what happens when people go crazy and get tested," Ohio state Rep. Nino Vitale wrote on social media.

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'It Was Personal.' After Tragedy, Physicist Devotes Career To Cancer Research

Hadiyah-Nicole Green lost the aunt and uncle who raised her to cancer. The loss inspired her to develop a cancer treatment using lasers. "I was born to do this," she tells her cousin at StoryCorps.

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#Goyaway: Calls To Boycott Goya Foods After CEO Praises President Trump

Speaking at the White House Thursday, the CEO of Goya Foods praised the president as a "builder."


Police Viewed Less Favorably, But Few Want To 'Defund' Them, Survey Finds

A poll conducted in mid-June found that most respondents thought police officers should be held legally accountable for misconduct. But few respondents favored cutting funding for law enforcement.


Death Of Robert Fuller, Who Was Found Hanging From Tree, Ruled Suicide

Fuller's death on June 10 was initially ruled a suicide, but that conclusion outraged his family, who insisted that he would not take his own life.

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Cameo Celebrity App: Will Birthday Wishes From Snoop Dogg Mean A Big Investor Payday?

Cameo has become one of the fastest-growing tech startups by letting anyone pay for birthday wishes and other greetings recorded by celebrities and influencers. But will its Silicon Valley hype last?

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5 People Arrested In Killing Of Rapper Pop Smoke, LA Police Say

Three men and two juvenile males were arrested, the Los Angeles Police Department announced on Thursday.

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Defense Secretary Esper, In Careful Exchange, Denies Being Briefed On 'Bounties'

The defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs responded to careful prompts from Republicans on Thursday aimed at defending the Trump administration on the Russian bounty allegations.


Some People Agree To Disagree Over What's Safe During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic requires people to weigh risks and make choices about their activities. But there can be problems when a choice conflicts with what the people around us decide to do.

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NYC Begins Painting Black Lives Matter Mural In Front Of Trump Tower

President Trump derided the mural plan last week, saying it would be "denigrating this luxury Avenue" and antagonize the city's police as "a symbol of hate."

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Supreme Court Rulings Keep Trump's Tax Records Private For Now

The Supreme Court has issued a mixed verdict on demands for President Donald Trump’s financial records. The decisions will likely keep his tax returns, banking and other documents out of the public eye for the time being