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Cats Can Keep Their Claws: New York Bans Declawing

It's the first state in the nation to outlaw the practice, which animal-rights advocates say it is equivalent to chopping off a person's fingers at the first knuckle.

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Once Nearly Dead As The Dodo, California Condor Comeback Reaches 1,000 Chicks

In the 1980s, there were less than two dozen California Condors left. Today, more than 500 exist in the world, thanks to the efforts of conservationists.

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Rare New Zealand Parakeet Population Doubles After 'Epic' Breeding Season

The orange-fronted parakeet, known locally as the kākāriki karaka, is in the midst of a prolonged mating season due to a beech seed boon. So far, more than 150 chicks have been born in the baby boom.

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Our Taste For Turtle Soup Nearly Wiped Out Terrapins. Then Prohibition Saved Them

By the turn of the 20th century, America's love affair with Diamondback Terrapin soup — a subsistence food turned gourmet fare — had left the turtle's population teetering. Booze ban to the rescue.

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Corpse Flower Unleashes Big Stink In Vancouver

Thousands of people endured the hourlong wait Tuesday to get up close and personal with Titan VanCoug, an 18-year-old corpse flower in bloom for the first time.

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Diver Swims Alongside A Jellyfish That's As Big As A Human

"It was the size of my body, and it was the best thing I've ever done," says biologist and wildlife host Lizzie Daly.

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'Late Migrations' Essays Create A Jeweled Patchwork Of Nature And Culture

New York Times columnist Margaret Renkl astonishes with her essays, a woven tapestry that makes one of all the world's beings that strive to live and which, in one way or another, face mortality.

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An Alligator Surfaces At A Chicago Lagoon And A City Snaps To Attention

The alligator was spotted in a city park on Tuesday, but has so far managed to evade capture, despite the efforts of a local wrangler known as Alligator Bob.

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Worldwide Smuggling Crackdown Rescues Endangered Wildlife

In a joint operation organized by the World Customs Organization and Interpol, thousands of protected animals, plants and wildlife products were seized in more than 100 countries.

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Snowball The Dancing Cockatoo Vogues And Body Rolls On Beat

A new study finds that Snowball, a dancing cockatoo, has a repertoire of at least 14 different dance moves, suggesting that the predisposition to dance is embedded in our animal brains.