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Jordan Cove LNG Plans Not Good Enough For People Or Environment, Oregon Says

Oregon agencies reviewed the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the proposed LNG export terminal and pipeline in southwest Oregon. 

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6 New Wolf Pups Caught On Trail Cam In Central Oregon

New trail cam footage shows the pups on the Warm Springs Reservation.

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Protecting Cattle From Wolves Becomes A Community Effort In Southern Oregon

A conservation group has launched a crowd-funding campaign to build a fence around a Jackson County ranch that's been hit hard by wolves.

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Are There More Cougars In Our Space Or More Of Us In Theirs?

It’s hard not to notice that cougars are making it into the news these days. Or how they’re getting there: by entering neighborhoods and putting residents on edge.

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Willapa Bay Oyster Farmers Struggle As Shrimp Population Booms

The booming population of a native species of Northwest shrimp threatens the oyster beds of Washington's Willapa Bay and a coastal way of life.

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Cormorants Have Taken Up Residence On The Astoria-Megler Bridge, Where They're Unwanted

The abundance of double-crested cormorants resting on the Astoria-Megler Bridge over the Columbia River can be hard for the average onlooker or motorist to appreciate. But the birds' population has boomed in recent years.

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Oregon Approves New Plan For Gray Wolves

Oregon fish and wildlife commissioners approved a new management plan Friday for gray wolves, a long-awaited document that deals with how to respond, after wolf attacks on cattle and sheep.

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West Coast Rockfish Rebound Faster Than Expected

Pacific rockfish populations that had collapsed from overfishing are bouncing back much faster than anyone expected, giving fishermen more fish to catch for the first time in decades.

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Oregon's Angels Rest Trail Reopens After Search For Cougar

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department announced Friday that Angels Rest Trailhead in the Columbia River Gorge has reopened. 

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Portland Bans Toxic Bird Poisons On City Property

The Portland City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to ban the use of the toxic bird poisons known as avicides on city property.