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Seattle Hikers May Be Trampling On Tribal Treaty Rights


Hikers are feeling squeezed by the newfound congestion on Washington trails — but so are the tribes with treaty rights to hunt and gather.

Salem Tests A New Way To Remove Toxins From Drinking Water


An ongoing drinking water advisory in Salem has the city looking at options for removing harmful algae bloom toxins at its water treatment plant.

Record Lamprey Return A Cultural Win For Native Tribes


Lamprey disappeared from some Columbia River tributaries around the 1960s. Now, after a lot of work, a river in eastern Oregon is seeing its highest numbers of the eel-like fish in decades.

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Boxcar Fire In Central Oregon More Than Doubles In Size

The Boxcar Fire near Maupin, Oregon, has grown to nearly 23,000 acres as of Saturday morning.

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Large Methane Leaks Threaten Perception Of 'Clean' Natural Gas

A new study finds that oil and gas operations are leaking 60 percent more methane than previously reported by the federal government.

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Officials Say Illegal Pesticide Caused Deaths Of 13 Bald Eagles In Maryland

Authorities said there is an "epidemic on the Eastern Shore" of wildlife-poisoning crimes because it's "cheaper and easier" than trapping a nuisance animals or building a fence.

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Salem's Water Advisory 'Unlikely' To Be Lifted Monday

The city is still working on a strategy for treating toxins from an algae bloom in Detroit Reservoir. 

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Levees Make Mississippi River Floods Worse, But We Keep Building Them

For more than 150 years, scientists have known that levees increase flood risk on the Mississippi River. That hasn't stopped local officials from building up levees in response to more severe floods.

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Keystone Virus Makes First Known Jump From Mosquitoes To Humans

The first known human case of the virus was identified in a Florida teen after a year of tests. Known symptoms include fever and a severe rash, but it's unclear if it causes brain inflammation.

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This Is What Happens When Big Oil Fights Back At City Hall

The 'Stepping Up' podcast explores an unusual situation in Richmond, Calif., where climate champions flipped city hall to their side and an oil company decided to fight back.

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Long-Extinct Gibbon Found Inside Tomb Of Chinese Emperor's Grandmother

A Chinese tomb has turned up evidence of a new species of long-extinct ape. The gibbon, called Junzi imperialis, lived and died alongside its imperial human caretaker.

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Oregon Approves Killing Of Eastern Oregon Wolf

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is permitting an Eastern Oregon rancher to kill one wolf from a pack that’s been injuring his cattle.

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Firm Prepares To Mine Land Previously Protected As A National Monument

The land used to be within the boundary of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah. President Trump slashed the protected acreage by nearly half last year.


Why Is Our Recycling Going To Landfills?

The world's biggest buyer of recyclables has a tough new set of rules for how clean our recycling needs to be. As a result, a lot more of what we put in our recycling bins is ending up in landfills.

Oregon State Scientist Creates Edible Plastic. What Does It Taste Like?


A scientist at Oregon State University is developing edible food packing as well as edible coating for fruits and vegetables.

My House Could Help Portland Meet Its Climate Goals, But It'll Cost Me


Portland's new home energy score mandate could cut the city’s carbon footprint. But its success depends on homeowners like me.

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