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Finding New Opportunity For Old Coal-Fired Power Plant Sites


Coal-fired power plants keep closing and communities around the country must decide what to do with those sites. Pennsylvania has a plan, aiming to create new jobs where the old ones have been lost.

Oregon Restricts Solar Development On Prime Farmland


The Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission has approved new rules that restrict commercial solar development on millions of acres of high-value farmland across the state.

Why Banning Plastic Grocery Bags Could Be A Bad Move


Plastic bags are not biodegradable and can do great harms to wildlife. Cities and states across the country are banning plastic bags, but those bans may be having unintended consequences.

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VIDEO: At 'Volcano Summer Camp,' Safety Is A Blast

Studying active volcanoes can be dangerous. Which is why a group of scientists from around the world came together to simulate volcanic blasts. What they're learning will help them at a real eruption.

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Lawyer Who Handled Sept. 11 Victims Fund To Mediate Talks Between Bayer, Plaintiffs

The prominent attorney has been tapped to facilitate talks between the company's lawyers and plaintiffs' representatives over the next two weeks.

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Portland City Council Approves Funding For Superfund Cleanup Plans

A hundred years of industry polluted the Portland Harbor. Now, finally, city leaders reached an agreement to fund plans to clean it.

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Trump Administration Wants To Cut Funding For Public Housing Repairs

Public housing officials estimate that it would cost $50 billion to fix up buildings that have fallen into disrepair nationwide. The Trump administration is calling for more private investment.

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When LA's Air Got Better, Kids' Asthma Cases Dropped

New cases of asthma dropped dramatically in Los Angeles communities where air quality improved the most over 20 years. The results illustrate health benefits from pollution control.

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Worker At Hanford Contaminated In Lab Scheduled For Demolition

A worker at the Hanford Nuclear Site was recently contaminated with a speck of radioactive material after work in a lab building scheduled for demolition.

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After Grim Deaths In The Borderlands, An Effort To Find Out Who Migrants Were

More than 200 migrants die attempting to cross the Southwest border each year. Slowly, scientists at a Texas laboratory are seeking the story of their bones.

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As Cap And Trade Moves Forward, Oregon Lawmakers Consider Constitutional Tweak

Oregon could see more than $500 million a year from a complex proposal to combat greenhouse gas emissions. But under the state constitution, most of it would be severely constrained.

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SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Native American Rights In Wyoming Hunting Case

Justice Neil Gorsuch, the only Westerner on the court, again provided the decisive vote in favor of American Indian rights.

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Remote Island Chain Has Few People — But Hundreds Of Millions Of Pieces Of Plastic

The Cocos Keeling Islands make up barely 6 square miles in the Indian Ocean. It's a good place to measure plastic waste as almost no one lives there. Scientists were flabbergasted by what they found.

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