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Trump, Congress Reach Agreement On 2-Year Budget Deal


The two-year deal to set spending levels and raise the debt limit would end a decade of roller coaster fiscal stand-offs in Washington.

The Fallout From A Seemingly Sweet Oil Deal For Venezuela's Neighbors


The PetroCaribe program provided fuel to Venezuela's neighbors on long-term credit to spur economic growth. What has happened now that Venezuela is in free fall?

Equifax To Pay Up To $700 Million In Data Breach Settlement


The credit reporting agency will pay up to $700 million in fines and monetary relief to consumers over a massive 2017 data breach that affected more than 148 million people.

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How Does Drug Pricing Work? Hint: It's More Like Designer Handbags Than Cars

Trump administration officials say drugs' list prices are like cars' sticker prices — easily negotiated. But in the life and death world of medicine, health economists say, that analogy falls apart.

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Does Facebook Need A Humanitarian Partner For Its New Digital Currency?

Mercy Corps believes that the Libra currency, set to launch in 2020, could help funnel aid to the poor. But critics wonder why the charitable group has partnered with a controversial company.

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Oregon's Business Tax Is Not Going To Voters — Here's What You Should Know

The main opponents of Oregon's recently created commercial activities tax decided not to put the bill on the January ballot, meaning it's going into effect. What is it?

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Amazon's Portland Facility Turns Down Safety Sirens After Worker Concerns

After OPB reported on employee concerns about the alarms’ volume, the megaphones went silent. But workers still want a safety system, as vans come and go from the Northwest Portland warehouse. 

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This Economic Theory Could Be Used To Pay For The Green New Deal

Liberal Democrats have embraced an obscure brand of economics — "Modern Monetary Theory" — to make the case for deficit-financed government programs like the Green New Deal for clean energy and jobs.

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Steve Bullock Vows To Disentangle 'Dark Money' From Politics

The Montana governor, one of the last Democratic candidates to join the presidential race, is focused on bringing "sunshine and transparency" to campaign finance.

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'Facebook Is Dangerous:' Firms In Hot Seat As Congress Probes Big Tech

Lawmakers in the Senate and House will question lobbyists and officials from Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple on an array of issues, including whether they're so big they stifle competition.

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What Did Wimbledon Teach Us About Genius?

Federer, Djokovic — and the debate between specialists and generalists.

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Trump Taps Health Care Expert As Acting Top White House Economist

President Trump has been expected to nominate Tomas Philipson as permanent chair of his Council of Economic Advisers. Philipson, an expert on health economics, succeeds Kevin Hassett.

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China's Economy Falters; Slowest Growth In Nearly 3 Decades

The pace of growth in the second quarter was at its lowest since 1992, when China's records began. The National Bureau of Statistics attributed the change to a complicated international environment.