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California Governor Signs Law Protecting Gig Economy Workers


The measure that reclassifies many independent contractors as employees could have national implications for the so-called gig economy.

Fed Cuts Interest Rates To Prop Up The Slowing Economy


The Federal Reserve is widely expected to cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point. That could give a lift to the stock market but may not do much to help the economy amid the trade war.

Trump Froze Aid To Guatemala. Now Programs Are Shutting Down


In April, the president put $450 million on hold for Guatemala as well as Honduras and El Salvador over what he described as the failure of their governments to stem the flow of migrants to the U.S.

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Does It Pay For Companies To Do Good?

As Corporate America seeks to redefine its mission as a force for social good, new studies in economics are showing that there are self-serving reasons why they'd want to do that.

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In GM Strike, Union Says Only 2% Of Deal Has Been Agreed To, 'We're Far Apart'

Some of the major sticking points include the cost of health insurance and pay raises demanded by workers.

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PHOTOS: Vanilla Boom Is Making People Crazy Rich — And Jittery — In Madagascar

The price of vanilla is ten times higher than a few years ago. That's bringing unimagined wealth to local villages — and problems as well.

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NPR Shopping Cart Economics: How Prices Changed At A Walmart In 1 Year

NPR is tracking about 80 items sold at a Walmart in Georgia, since mid-2018 with an eye toward products caught in the trade war. On average, their prices increased 3%. Tariffs are one of many factors.

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Zillow Wants To Buy Your Home For Cash (And A Fee) is known as a place to browse homes for sale. Now, if you live in the Portland/Vancouver area, Zillow might buy your house ... for cash. 

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Families, Not Just Students, Feel The Weight Of The Student Loan Crisis

A new book looks at how the struggle to pay for college has transformed the experience of the American middle class.

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Trump Has Stolen Democrats' Playbook On Trade

When it comes to trade, Trump and the Democrats sound a lot alike. "It's like Donald Trump has co-opted Democratic trade policy," one analyst says. So how do his opponents differentiate themselves?

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Colleges Could Do More To Help Student Parents Pay For Child Care, Watchdog Says

More than 1 in 5 college students are raising kids, and access to child care is one of their biggest barriers. A new report finds many don't know they can apply for help from federal financial aid.

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VIDEO: Short Selling Stocks Was Invented As Revenge

In the early 1600s there was one stock market with only one company's stock in it, and it didn't take long before someone tried to manipulate the price.

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California Lawmakers Advance Bill To Redefine And Protect Gig Economy Workers

The bill, which passed the state Senate and is expected to become law, limits the kinds of workers who can be classified as contractors. It has vast implications for companies such as Lyft and Uber.