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It Was A Balmy 90 Degrees In Anchorage — For The 1st Time On Record

The Alaskan city just had its hottest and driest June ever, with average daily temperatures 5 degrees above normal. Crews are also battling wildfires across the state.

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Portland Mayor Urges Federal Support For Transit In Congressional Testimony

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was one of five mayors invited to DC to speak before the Senate Democrats' Special Comittee on the Climate Crisis. 

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Without Cap And Trade, Oregon’s Climate Goals Look More Out Of Reach

On Tuesday, Senate President Peter Courtney said Oregon's cap-and-trade bill doesn’t have the votes to pass. Supporters say that could put the state's climate goals out of reach.

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Oregon Republicans' Return Uncertain After Cap And Trade's Apparent Demise

In a speech Tuesday, Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, said Oregon House Bill 2020 does not have enough votes to pass. 

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Fate Of Climate Bill In Question As Oregon Senate Standoff Continues

Rumors abound that the state's signature proposal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions could be in trouble.

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For Heavy-Duty Trucks, 'The Future Is Electric'

Trucking industry leaders say more and more pickup and delivery trucks will join a growing number of school and transit buses in going electric in the next 20 years.

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Oregon's Cap-And-Trade Bill Clears House, Heads To Senate

Oregon House lawmakers debated the cap-and-trade bill for six hours before passing it largely along party lines.

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Cap-And-Trade Bill Nears Last Committee Hearing — And A Late Test

Sen. Betsy Johnson, a Democrat, filed a last-minute amendment that could weaken the state's signature climate change proposal. 

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Clean Fuels Proponents Move Forward With Plans In Washington

Plans for a low carbon fuel standard in Washington didn’t work out this legislative session. Now, advocates are figuring out what to do next to reduce gasoline and diesel emissions in the state.

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To Drive Eagles Away From Deadly Wind Turbines, Researchers Turn To Sound

Researchers are working on new ways to keep birds – particularly eagles – away from deadly wind turbine blades by using audio and visual signals.