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Another Multimillion Dollar Jury Verdict Against Amtrak Stemming From 2017 Derailment

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Another passenger badly injured in the Amtrak train derailment south of Tacoma nearly two years ago will collect big-time damages.

Federal Appeals Court Lets Stand Ruling That Congress Can Subpoena Trump Tax Returns


The full D.C. Circuit voted 8-3 not to reconsider an earlier decision by a three-judge panel that ruled against the president. Trump's lawyer says he will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Taylor: Sondland Talked To Trump Directly About Investigating Ukraine Firm Linked To Bidens


A top U.S. diplomat testifies that Portland businessman Gordon Sondland had early knowledge that President Trump was seeking a Ukrainian investigation of political rival Joe Biden in exchange for military aid.

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Nike Calls Off Pilot Program With Amazon, Ending Direct Sales

Nike is ending a sales partnership with Amazon less than a month after the Oregon-based athletic gear company named an e-commerce veteran as its new chief executive.

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What Happens To Your Used Stuff? 'Secondhand' Tells Of A Billion-Dollar Industry

As "traditional bonds disintegrate in the face of industrialization, urbanization, and secularization, brands and objects become a means to curate and project who we are," writes reporter Adam Minter.

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McDonald's Is Sued Over 'Systemic Sexual Harassment' Of Female Workers

A former employee has filed a class action lawsuit against McDonald's and one Michigan franchise, alleging a "culture of sexual harassment."

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Trump Makes No Promises On China Trade Deal

President Trump says a mini trade agreement with China could happen "soon," but he offered no guarantees. In a speech to the Economic Club of New York, Trump downplayed the cost of his trade war.

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Federal Lawsuit Aims To Kill Stalled Methanol Refinery Project

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday aims to keep one of the world's biggest methanol refineries from being built along the Columbia River in Washington state.


My Journey Into The World Of Men's Beauty

Makeup was once thought to be the exclusive realm of women, but more and more men are experimenting with cosmetics — and the industry is taking notice. A reporter gives it a try.

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SCOTUS Allows Lawsuit By Sandy Hook Families Against Remington To Move Ahead

A closely watched lawsuit that could provide a roadmap for suing gun companies in the wake of mass shootings can move forward in a Connecticut court, the Supreme Court said Tuesday.

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Rail Advocates Still Pushing For Northwest Bullet Train Despite Anti-tax Mood

Pacific Northwest rail advocates are undeterred in pursuing their vision of a bullet train connection between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C, after Washington's car tab vote.

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Charitable Giving Is Down. It Might Be Time To Reform The Charitable Deduction.

It's distortionary. It's regressive. And right now it only benefits a sliver of taxpayers and nonprofits. It's time to talk about the charitable deduction.

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Wapato Jail May Be Spared Demolition As Owner Searches For Funder

Jordan Schnitzer is launching another push to convert North Portland’s never-used Wapato Jail into a homeless shelter, a reversal from his Oct. 10 announcement that the demolition of the facility was all but guaranteed.