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DOJ Starts Review Of Whether Major Tech Companies Are Too Powerful


The Justice Department says it is launching a wide-ranging antitrust review, without naming the companies. But there have been increasing calls to regulate companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

'Facebook Is Dangerous': Firms In Hot Seat As Congress Probes Big Tech


Lawmakers in the Senate and House will question lobbyists and officials from Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple on an array of issues, including whether they're so big they stifle competition.

Stepping Into The Sun: A Mission To Bring Solar Energy To Communities Of Color


Solar energy has taken off across the U.S. As an African American working in the industry, Jason Carney wants to make sure minority communities don't miss out on the energy savings or the green jobs.

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What Gets To Be A 'Burger'? States Restrict Labels On Plant-Based Meat

Lawmakers across the U.S. and in the EU argue that labels like "vegan sausage" or "cauliflower rice" mislead people. Tofurky, the ACLU and others are suing, saying new label laws violate free speech.

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East Oregonian Publisher Surfaces As High Bidder For Bend's Bulletin Newspaper

A Central Oregon institution is about to change hands, after a decade of shrinking coverage and cutting staff. And now two new companies have emerged as potential new owners.

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Toys R Us Is Coming Back But With A Different Approach

More than a year after filing for bankruptcy, the chain is relaunching in Texas and New Jersey. Its new stores will feature spaces for toy demonstrations and events.

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As Manhattan DA, Morgenthau Pursued Drug Dealers And Crooked Banks Alike

Robert Morgenthau, the patrician lawman who a former aide said spent four decades "making mischief for people who engaged in bad conduct," died Sunday at age 99.

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Democrats Issue Warnings Against Viral Russia-Based Face-Morphing App

FaceApp's surge in popularity has driven Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for a federal investigation into the St. Petersburg-developed app over potential "national security and privacy risks" to Americans.

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Putting A Price On Chat: Slack Stock Jumps On 1st Day Of Trading

In just five years, Slack has grown to more than 10 million users and become a verb in the process. "I'll Slack you" is shorthand for sending a message via the chat platform. Now it's going public.

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Equifax To Pay Up To $700 Million In Data Breach Settlement

The credit reporting agency will pay up to $700 million in fines and monetary relief to consumers over a massive 2017 data breach that affected more than 148 million people.


Virgin Galactic Plans To Become 1st Publicly Traded Spaceflight Company

Billionaire Richard Branson is partnering with a group of investors to take his space tourism company public. The stock market debut is expected later this year.

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Amazon Announces 800 Jobs In Salem

The 800 jobs will be at a new 1-million-square-foot facility in Salem, with pay starting at the Amazon standard of $15 per hour.

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How Does Drug Pricing Work? Hint: It's More Like Designer Handbags Than Cars

Trump administration officials say drugs' list prices are like cars' sticker prices — easily negotiated. But in the life and death world of medicine, health economists say, that analogy falls apart.