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In Male-Dominated Pizza Circles, Women Are Grabbing A Bigger Slice Of The Pie


Men have long commanded the pizza-making scene, creating what one female champ calls a "macho problem." But that's starting to change as more women open pizzerias and gain recognition in the field.

Eat, Drink And Be Wary: Ex-CIA Officer Reveals How Eateries Are Key To Spycraft


"Restaurants and cafés are in many ways the lifeblood of espionage," says Amaryllis Fox in her new book. They're ideal places to clandestinely meet people with access to a government or terror group.

Setting The Table For 8,000


What's it take to feed 8,000-plus people in a day? In Verboort, Oregon, it takes community — and 30,000 pounds of meat. Here's how the sausage (and sauerkraut and applesauce) gets made for its annual fundraiser.

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'The Four Top': Courtney Taylor-Taylor | Jay Boberg | Sheri Hood

In what ways are music and wine closely related? Why are a rock star and a couple of former record execs in the wine industry? And why do creators launch "vanity labels," whether in music or wine?


How The Trade War Crushed A Growing Chinese Market For U.S. Cranberries

The U.S. has spent millions to get China to embrace the unknown fruit — and it did. Now, tariffs have driven China to buy its cranberries from other countries, leaving U.S. farmers in the lurch.

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When We Love Our Food So Much That It Goes Extinct

A new book explores how overhunting and habitat destruction has left us with only a fraction of the foods that existed a century ago, and the changes that are needed to preserve our culinary variety.


Behold: The Blooper Burger. Your Arteries Will Clog Just Thinking About It

The Blooper Burger is a monstrous sandwich sold at Atlanta Braves games and is one of many outrageous menu items served at stadium concession stands around the country.


The Spirit Of Innovation Still Thrives In The Good Old Kitchen Hack

What would Robinson Crusoe have done with a watermelon cuber? His spirit of ingenuity lives on in the kitchen, as inventive cooks still think beyond the norm of conventional kitchen tools.

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Cookie Artist Teaches Edible Lessons In Asian American History

Jasmine Cho makes cookie portraits of people like Takao Ozawa, who was denied U.S. citizenship on the basis of race in a landmark case. Her goal: to make social justice lessons more palatable.

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This Rising Star Chef Is Black, Vegan — And Only 11 Years Old

UK tween Omari McQueen began to cook at age 7, when his mother suffered from paralyzing migraines. It wasn't long before he appeared on TV, opened a trendy food hall booth and sat on an expert panel.


'The Four Top': Sarah Masoni | Ivy Manning | Megan Scott

It’s the era of the food swap, in which nutritious vegetables and legumes are replacing starch and dairy in familiar-looking foods. Mushrooms and seaweed are having a moment. And have snacks killed meals?

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Not My Job: We Ask Michelin-Star Chef José Andrés About The Michelin Man

Andrés' restaurants have won Michelin stars, but how much does he know about the Michelin Man, the weirdly bloated, rubberized spokesmascot for the Michelin tire company?


Working In While Eating Out: The Evolution of Doing Business While Dining

Though it may seem like the gig economy has ushered in the mobile work style from restaurants and coffee shops, the fact is that working and eating have been intertwined since ancient civilization.


Cooking With OPB

Recipes, tips and how-to's from around the Northwest.