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'This Way Up' Deserves A Spot On Your Crowded Viewing List

It can be hard not to miss lower-profile streaming shows. But This Way Up, a comedy created by Irish actress Aisling Bea and streaming on Hulu, has a sweet and funny story to tell.

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'The Righteous Gemstones' Takes Aim At Megachurch Millionaires

In the HBO comedy created by and starring Danny McBride, a powerful preacher and his adult children are very poor examples to their flock.


Sunday Puzzle: The Name Of The Game

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Weekend Edition puzzlemaster Will Shortz play the puzzle with KUOW listener Jacob Jaffe of Seattle.

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True Medical Mysteries Get The TV Treatment On Netflix's 'Diagnosis'

The Netflix series Diagnosis is like true crime with diseases instead of murderers, and it's even better when it pauses to consider the real challenges of health care shortfalls.

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Straight from the Greek

Contestants are given commonplace English words and are asked to correctly identify their obscure Greek origin.

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To All The Bays I've Loved Before

Ophira Eisenberg and guest announcer Cecil Baldwin read love notes addressed to geographic B-A-Y bays, written as if they were B-A-E baes.

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Antoni Porowski: Queer Eye For The Quiz Guy

Antoni Porowski, a charming fifth of Netflix's Queer Eye, talks about his love for cooking and corgis, and is given a choice to play a game about guacamole or a game about books. Which does he choose?

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Double-O No!

In this word game, every answer is a two-word phrase in which the first word contains a double-O. One of the Os is removed to create the second word.

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Shine On, You Crazy Neil Diamond

Guest musician Julian Velard jumps into action with a music parody reworking Neil Diamond hits to make them about other real people with Broadway musicals based on them.

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Antoni <3's Corgis

Queer Eye's food and wine expert Antoni Porowski returns to the stage to play a multiple choice game about one of his favorite dog breeds, corgis.